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At BVB, we build every home as if it were our own. A custom home starts with a dream, but can easily end in a nightmare if you select the wrong builder. Our goal is to keep your dream alive by developing trust with our clients. We focus all of our attention and experience on your home. 

Most builders work on a cost+ percentage of the total build. This means, if the overall cost goes up, so does the builder's earnings. At BVB, project management is a monthly rate that never changes throughout the project. Our customers pay us to work on their behalf, ensuring that we use the highest-quality contractors for a fair wage. No "padding" the numbers here. 


Dan Rutty


Dan has over 30 years of experience building high-end custom homes. He started Big View Builders to meet the demand for trustworthy contractors in the Boulder area and teach his son Josh the art of building custom homes. 

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 Quality Above All Else


We do our best to balance quality with affordability, but building high-quality custom homes is what we do. Your home is a work of art to us. Unlike most other builders, we are on-site every day and do a lot of the work ourselves. This ensures the highest quality craftsmanship goes into your home.

 Honesty and Transparency 


It's important that we earn the trust of our customers before we begin construction. Therefore we're transparent about cost, timing, and all other aspects of the building process, even if it means we lose the job. 

 Work Smart and Have Fun!


"Slow down to speed up" are words we live by. We do our best to avoid costly mistakes through comprehensive planning and careful execution. We also enjoy the process! We love what we do and we're extremely proud of the homes we build. 

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